Silicon Valley's Mission

To become the preferred retailer of all IT related products in the Philippines, as well as a one-stop shop for laptop/desktop repairs


Providing the best customer experience with quality products, being a desired employer proudly contributing to the development of our Country

We can hardly live without our gadgets. Tablets, Computers, Smartphones, Cameras, etc… for some of us, we take these gadgets everywhere. They’ve become an extension of ourselves and of our lives…

We tweet and post the little things that happen to our day through our tablets, smartphones or laptops... We document every moment of our lives through phone cameras and ipods...

We stay connected 24/7 through voice, internet and text – all made possible by our electronics.

Now more than ever, we’re living a digital lifestyle…

And SILICON VALLEY makes it easy for people to get the best gadgets to complement their lifestyle.

SILICON VALLEY. It’s a Digital Life.